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We envision a world where:

  • Human rights are more important than profit.

  • Female thinking is incorporated into the operating system of business and world progress.

  • FeMENist thinkers worked together to create an innovative and competitive advantage inside us all. 

  • Understanding and leading from both halves of humanity propels us to world changing leadership.

  • We obliterated rigid gender categories, and used both our masculine and feminine attributes to become the best versions of ourselves.

  • We eradicated inequality in wages, inadequate health care, environmental degradation, the endless wars, and rampant corporate profiteering.

We don't just need new leaders, we need a different kind of leader. We need WOMEN who lead like WOMEN.


is to give women the
      • inspiration, 
      • confidence &
      • tools
to enroll men and empower women in global leadership.