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Women are the driving force of civilization. Among women there is a universal longing, an inner drum beat to improve the future for their children and the world's children.


That force is needed NOW!  

That force will transform the future only when SMART Women thrust themselves into leadership.

The Time for Women to Lead is NOW!

The time for women to lead is now. Both leadership research and brain science confirm that women's cognitive versatility, creative collaboration, and systems thinking are powerful advantages in times of disruptive change, ambiguity and complexity. Female neural networks are better suited at balancing short term needs and long-term effects. Under stress, most women are much less impulsive and more disciplined than most men.  



Systematic bias requires women to be twice as effective for twice as long to get equal opportunities.  Under the millennia of alpha male based leadership, we find ourselves in a world-wide leadership crisis. Our corporate driven economy is toxic to customers and employees and the environment.  One-dimensional leadership that focuses only on creating shareholder wealth has resulted in a 75% decline in an investment in R&D, job creation, and hiring. Further, there's been 1000% increase in mergers & acquisitions that kill competition, innovation and jobs. This is unsustainable.

When compared to other mature nations, our U.S. society has:
  • the highest rate of poverty,

  • the lowest social mobility, 

  • the poorest access to healthcare, 

  • the highest rate of mental illness,

  • the highest rate of obesity,

  • and the highest rate of murder.

40% of today's businesses will NOT exist in a meaningful way in 10 years. Why?
  • Failure to innovate and execute because 90% of capital budgets are spent on old initiatives.

  • Teams lack social and emotional intelligence.

  • Not valuing and leveraging their female talent and proven skills to excel in today's hyper competitive and agile environment.


Female Workplace Talent that feels Unheard and Undervalued.

Chance of a Woman being promoted when competing against all men.


of the time that Men have been at war in the last 3,400 years.


Women in top Leadership Positions in all Sectors.

We don't just need new leaders, we need a different kind of leader. We need WOMEN who lead like WOMEN.

The science is clear that in volatile times most women exhibit better judgment. Yet, the world is rigged against women rising in leadership. This is not just unfair, it is potentially fatal to our future.